Working on my first book!

As I announced on Facebook, I’m going to write a book. I’ve had this book in the back of my mind for over 10 years now. It’ll be called something like:

What Web Designers Wished You Knew

Web designers. Web developers. Something like that.

It’s an educational book for small to medium sized businesses who are looking to get a web site done. It’s the information that those of us in the web building industry would like potential clients to know. So that we don’t have to spend the first 20 hours of a project educating/annoying our clients. So that we aren’t asked to do unreasonable things in unreasonable timeframes on unreasonable budgets. So that the client gets more work done for the amount that they CAN afford to pay. So that the client is more likely to get actual business results from a project, not just a bland brochure site that the wife likes.

I’m in the process of:

  • researching what has been said online already,
  • using Google tools to determine what people are after
  • getting in touch with others in the industry to get their feedback

When I have that info, the next step is approaching more web designers/developers. Then I’ll start on the outline. Oh yeah, and add some of my projects to this site so you can see why I’m qualified to be writing this book…

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